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Expando is an agency that has been lanced with passion and a welling to help PMEs, businesses, and associations to grow.

We also love to help well-established businesses, companies and organizations to grow efficiently and have a correct digital presence.

To help in the digital world

As we are entrepreneurs, we have seen so many projects struggling because of a lack of knowledge in the digital domain.

We have also encountered businesses spending too much effort in the wrong place, like a bad choice of social media platform or following a poor strategy, or even peers not following a plan. That is why we have taken this duty to help businesses to grow and expand.

We love our work, the clients we get the opportunity to work with, and our network of industry friends and partners.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop long-term mutually advantageous relationships. That’s how we approach relationships with our clients, employees, vendors, partners, and friends.

We love to teach people about digital marketing and SEO. We frequently share posts on our company blog and provide workshops about SEO, digital marketing, and social networks.

If you’d like to collaborate with Expando or are just curious to learn more, let’s connect.

Rana Abu Quba, PhD


The founder of Expando Rana Abu Quba has a PhD in social networks and recommendation systems. She has worked in companies and startups like Yahoo, OpenInsights, and blue kangaroo in the USA.

Besides, she had worked in Arabie Saodite and Jordan. She has been a trainer for more than nine years; she is excellent at simplifying complex concepts for non-experts. In Switzerland, she had many formations in InnoPark. 

Rana, for more than ten years, has helped many startups, projects, and businesses correctly go into the digital world. She helped in different ways, like assisting them in establishing their digital strategy or applying it.

Sometimes Rana helped in a specific mission, like building a presence on social media, creating an SEO strategy, or more. Besides, she loves teaching, transferring knowledge, and doing workshops so clients can take things in hand, so you might be able to perform a significant part of the digital marketing work in-house.

In her training, she will teach you the digital marketing aspects you need and help you improve your overall approach to achieving your goals. You will be held accountable for increasing results and doing what you need to succeed  She and the team are constantly updating their information and, folling actuality, participating in conferences, in Europe and outside it.

Waref Abu Quba

Video Creator

Waref is a director and animator. Waref has always been fascinated by moving pictures, as a melting pot of many art forms. 

In his creative work, Waref tries to push the boundaries and experiment with new ideas, combining camera work, animation and innovative post-production techniques. 

His career started as a graphic designer, and then he gravitated towards animation and film. With more than 15 years working in this field, he has gained diverse experience in almost every aspect of filmmaking. You can check all his international protfolie in his own site Waref Abu Quba.

Waref's film In Damascus (like others) was a winner of Outstanding Cinematography in the Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky USA in 2015, beside being an official selection in many festival. 

Some of his projects in Switzerland: a video for AMR, , which is a Swiss engineering startup. and a video for crowdfunding WeTheSouk a project in Switzerland.

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