Partnership and carrer

We have always focused on growing mutually-beneficial partnerships with other agencies and freelancers. We love helping businesses to grow and expand, but sometimes we either don't offer a service that our clients are looking for, or we aren't the best fit for a specific project. 

 Hopefully, we can offer our clients various solutions through our network of trusted partners. 

We're proud to support our partners and focus on creating long-term relationships. Why throw someone a lead just one time when both sides can refer business back and forth for years? In addition to direct client referrals, Expando promotes our partners through content collaborations on our blog.

We focus on digital marketing and realize that this is a challenging domain. So, we'd love to chat with you if you're looking for a proven, long-term partner to help expand your client offerings. Or, if you think your agency might be a beneficial partner for Expando, we'd love to hear why you believe Expando would be a good fit.

If you are looking for a discussion with us, we will be happy to learn more about your business to see where we can collaborate.


Do not hesitate to send us your CV and motivation letter and tell us what you think you can add to the satisfaction of our clients and the team: 

If you find in your profile qualification that aligns with what Expando offers to clients. If you find that you share our love with our clients. If it makes you happy to spread success and grow businesses, PMEs, and projects. 

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