Why Content Writing & Video Creation?

We're living in the age of video, with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others dominating the digital marketing landscape. However, content writing has always been an essential part of SEO.

To rank high on Google, you need good content on your site. Even on social networks, content writing is necessary to create good posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, you need videos to enhance your SEO and capture customer attention.

You need a content writer to help you write SEO blogs, web pages, emails, landing pages, social media posts, video scripts, and more. And you need a video creator to help your business expand beyond what you can imagine.

Experts in field

Content Creation

Finding a good content writer is challenging. Content writing requires a balance between being an expert in your domain, understanding your audience, and knowing your SEO needs. A good content writer should respect your audience and Google, and their language should be native.

Our content writers are native speakers of French, English, or Arabic, and they're all trained in SEO. They can offer you the quality you need for your work while you relax. They can help you with everything from writing simple emails to filling or reviewing your site, or even more, such as your blogs, landing pages, or social media posts.

Content Strategy

Every business needs a content strategy!

A good content strategy combines company goals and experience with SEO needs. It's a process that includes keyword and trend research, as well as the expertise of a good content writer who understands humans, Google, and the SEO world. You can also benefit from a video creator like Waref Abu Quba, who understands video creation and your needs.

A good content strategy:

1. Helps your website stand out on Google by attracting organic traffic, which is the traffic coming from people searching on Google.
2. Offers your company or business the content they need to put on social networks. So the company will have ideas they can share on social networks regularly.

Even for small businesses or PMEs, investing in planning your content and having a solid strategy can help you grow and expand much further than you would without it, and it will pay for itself. Do you want to build your content strategy or need help creating content? Contact us today!

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