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Are you looking to understand digital marketing concepts such as SEO, local SEO, digital marketing strategy, and social media basics like posting, scheduling, or paid advertising on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks? Expando can help!

We offer world-class SEO, local SEO, and digital marketing training for businesses of any size, including small companies, PMEs, startups, organizations, or associations. Whether you're a solo business owner looking to learn more, a business with an in-house marketing team, or an agency looking to up its game, our customized training can take your skills to the next level. With Expando, you'll have access to expert guidance and become a master of your digital marketing strategies. Get in touche now!

Experts in field

Why Choose Our Workshops?

We offer training that can be conducted locally, on-site, or virtually over Zoom. Our team provides personalized consulting and training services that can meet the unique needs of any business. Whether you're a small business owner or a large organization, our team of experts can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Our founder, Rana Quba, holds a Ph.D. in social networks and recommendation systems and has been training business owners and marketers for over a decade. Our training is provided by competent experts who can offer you the information you need. Unlike generic and confusing materials found on the internet, our training is tailored to your specific needs and is designed to be engaging and entertaining. You'll have the opportunity to learn, laugh, and make new friends in our community. Additionally, our training provides valuable tips that can be applied to your day-to-day work.

How Does It Work?

We offer digital marketing and SEO training that will prepare your team to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. Our digital marketing training covers content creation, scheduling, and paid marketing, and our SEO training teaches your staff how to create and maintain website content that generates organic traffic from search engines. We also teach when to pay for ads and how to build a profitable online business. Our training aligns with your company goals and applies best practices to your digital platforms. We're willing to travel to you, both within Switzerland and outside.

Our Trainings

SEO Training
- Competitor analysis
- Local SEO vs. Traditional SEO
- On-page technical SEO
- Link Building Strategy
- Keyword Research
- Ongoing SEO Monitoring
- Content Strategy that is Customer & SEO Friendly
- Understand Search Engines and algorithms and how they work.
- Improve your Webpage Optimization
- Build Your off-page SEO Tactics
- Learn the balance between organic and paid traffic.

Local SEO Training
- Local SEO
- Local Link Building
- Google My Business
- Ongoing Local SEO Monitoring Consulting
- Local Content Strategy
- Keyword Research
- Learn the balance between organic and paid traffic.

Digital Marketing Training
- Digital Marketing Basics, Concepts and Strategy.
- Digital marketing tactics.
- Social Media Plan.
- Content Creation and Planning
- Ways to facilitate applying the plan.
- Consulting

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube)
- Social Media Concepts and Plan
- Content Creation and Planning
- Consulting
- Create a social network plan.
- Apply your social network plan.
- Boost Visibility on each Social Network.
- Boost Commercial Prospection on each Social network.

Paid Media Training
- Google Ads Consulting and/or Training.
- Paid Social Consulting and/or Training (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn).
- YouTube Ads.
- Recommendations for Performance Enhancement.
- Learn the balance between organic and paid traffic.

Customized training for your business goals
We will define your workshop's goal(s) according to your business needs. They can be:
- Organic traffic growth.
- Performance following a website redesign or migration.
- Reducing the dependency on paid traffic.
- Establishing content marketing as a significant traffic channel.
- Specifying a web platform that enables scalable SEO
- Setting up the organization's SEO process.
- Technical SEO quality assurance.
- Editorial SEO process and best practice.
- Google Search Console Training.

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